Disabled Residents Are At Risk of Nursing Home Abuse

Disabled residents are among the highest risk group of nursing home residents for abuse and neglect. Abuse can happen to anyone, no matter the person’s age, mental capacity, or physical ability. However, people with disabilities are more likely to be abused, especially as they age. Disabled Residents Require Special Care It can be challenging to […]

How Ombudsmen Help Improve Nursing Home Care

The Long-Term Care Ombudsmen program helps improve nursing home care by continuously advocating for the rights and needs of the residents. They also work with the residents and their families to file formal complaints about any issues that may arise. Recognizing that there is a problem in how your loved one is cared for in […]

Risks of Depression Among Long-Term Care Residents

Seniors are at high risk of developing depression in nursing homes, and if staff aren’t adequately trained on mental health interventions, it poses severe health risks to residents and diminishes their quality of life. Seniors need mental health care. Nursing home residents may be at risk of developing depression, or of their current mental health […]

Safety Measures for Seniors in Nursing Homes

Seniors face several safety issues while in assisted living. Some accidents, like falls, are almost guaranteed to happen, but nursing home staff should have plans in place to prevent these incidents and mitigate injuries. Top Safety Concerns for Seniors in Nursing Homes Aging is not without its challenges. Memory can be spotty, legs can be […]

Why Social Connection Is Important for Seniors

Social connection for seniors is critical, playing an essential role in their mental, emotional and physical health. Seniors with a strong social network have a better quality of life and experience superior overall health and wellness as well as being at lower risk of nursing home abuse. Benefits of Social Connection for Seniors Seniors with […]

Top 5 Senior Financial Scams to Be Aware Of

Senior financial scams are long-standing issues that have impacted older adults for decades. But the way fraudsters take advantage of the elderly is continually evolving. More sophisticated scams are using new technology to trick elders into handing over their savings, destroying people’s financial security during their most vulnerable years of life. The New York State […]

Tips for Caregivers: How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence

Maintaining independence for seniors is one of the biggest concerns aging adults face. By acknowledging and respecting a senior’s need for independence, caregivers can offer better quality care and foster healthy, productive relationships. Being a caregiver to a senior is a delicate task. Whether you’re a close family member or a hired health aide, you’ll […]