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Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

How Law Firms Can Help?

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A nursing home abuse law firm can help older people harmed in long-term care facilities take legal action to pursue justice and compensation. Skilled attorneys at these firms can file lawsuits on behalf of elders and their families, easing much of the stress that comes with legal action. Learn how you can work with nursing home abuse law firms right now.

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How Law Firms Can Help Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

If you or a family member suffered nursing home abuse and neglect, you may want to seek legal help from a law firm.

Law firms with experienced nursing home abuse attorneys on staff provide invaluable advice and services to those seeking justice.

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Nursing home abuse law firms help elders and families:

  • Know their options

    Nursing home regulations, resident abuse laws, and average compensation amounts vary greatly from state to state. Nursing home abuse lawyers can estimate how much elders and their loved ones are owed and explain their legal options.

  • Navigate their case

    Attorneys at top law firms guide abuse victims through every step of the legal process, from filing a complaint, collecting evidence, and negotiating nursing home abuse settlements.

  • Get maximum compensation

    Law firms that understand nursing home injury cases will know how to pursue strong settlements or trial verdicts, how to present the strongest case, and how to get as much compensation as possible for an elderly person.

Our team can connect you with top nursing home abuse law firms across the country. Get started today with a free consultation.

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What Types of Cases Do Nursing Home Abuse Law Firms Handle?

Nursing home abuse law firms handle cases where nursing home residents were hurt or killed by the actions of caregivers in assisted living facilities.

Nursing home abuse law firms take cases relating to:

  • Medical malpractice (medication errors, lack of medical treatment)
  • Nursing home neglect (malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration, bedsores)
  • Physical abuse (broken bones, bruises)
  • Sexual assaults
  • Wrongful death
  • Other forms of personal injury or mistreatment

Nursing home abuse is a very specific case type that requires specialized knowledge of elder care regulations, federal and state laws, and more. This is why it is critical to work with an experienced nursing home abuse law firm.

What Type of Law Firm Can I Work With?

A lawyer shakes hands with a client while sitting at a desk. A brown gavel sits on the desk in the foreground.It’s often in your best interest to work with a firm dedicated to handling nursing home abuse cases. While many law firms are willing to file lawsuits for nursing home abuse, they might not have a lot of experience with this case type.

Abuse and neglect attorneys at elder abuse law firms have the experience and resources needed to build a strong case on your behalf. These attorneys have likely handled many nursing home abuse cases in the past.

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What to Look for in a Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

Choosing the right law firm for a nursing home abuse lawsuit is crucial. It can make the difference between getting compensated for your case or receiving no money or justice at all.

Qualities of top nursing home law firms include:

Good Track Record

Nursing home abuse law firms should have a good record of winning cases or negotiating fair settlements for their clients. Online reviews and state bar association websites may provide accolades, complaints, and other indications of a firm’s standing.


To build the strongest case, nursing home abuse victims and their loved ones may need to share sensitive information. Victims should feel comfortable confiding in their personal injury lawyer and the firm. Lawyers should also respond to their clients in a timely manner.


Nursing home abuse law firms have lawyers on staff that are experienced with handling these types of cases. Ideally, the firm itself should also have a long history of accepting nursing home abuse cases.

Fair Terms

Top nursing home abuse law firms should work on a contingency basis, meaning they will not charge any upfront costs for clients to work with them. Law firms should be transparent about any fees they charge, services included, and payment options.


A good nursing home abuse law firm has attorneys who understand the elder abuse and neglect laws in every state they practice in. These attorneys are highly experienced, meaning clients can rest easy knowing their case is in good hands.

Get a free case review to find skilled nursing home abuse law firms right now.

Free Case ReviewFree Case Review

Get a free legal case review if you or a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect.

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What an Elder Abuse Law Firm Can Do for You

Elder abuse law firms can handle most of the work that comes with filing a lawsuit and pursuing financial compensation for medical bills and other expenses.

Top nursing home abuse law firms can help you:

Gather Evidence

Lawyers from the nursing home abuse law firm you work with will gather evidence to learn what happened, who was injured, and who is responsible. Your attorneys can then compile this evidence to build a case on your behalf.

File a Lawsuit

Elder abuse law firms can file your lawsuit in the right court system. There are thousands of different courts and it’s important to file your case with the correct one. Otherwise, your case could be delayed or rejected entirely.

Attorneys at elder abuse law firms save you the hassle by correctly filing the case for you, saving your family time and stress.

Steps to Filing a Lawsuit

Navigate Discovery

After your case is filed, lawyers at nursing home abuse law firms can help you navigate the discovery process. Discovery allows your legal team and the legal team for the nursing home (the defendants) to collect more evidence and strengthen each case.

Pursue a Settlement

The attorneys from your elder abuse law firm will do their best to resolve the lawsuit so you get the most amount of compensation in the least amount of time. This usually means reaching a legal settlement with the attorneys for the defendants.

Through a nursing home abuse settlement, the facility that harmed your loved one agrees to pay you a lump sum of money. In exchange, the lawsuit ends without going through a long and risky trial phase.

Go to Trial if Needed

If a settlement cannot be reached with the lawyers representing a nursing home, the case may go to trial where a judge and/or jury will determine how much money you deserve, if any.

Trials typically add more time to your case and come with a lot more uncertainty. You may win more or less money from a trial verdict. In some cases, you might not win any money at all.

Attorneys from your nursing home abuse law firm will do everything to build the strongest case possible in the event a trial occurs.

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Choosing the Right Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

In the middle of a tragedy like nursing home abuse, finding the right law firm can be difficult. Thankfully, the Nursing Home Abuse Center is here to help.

To start finding nursing home abuse law firms near you, get a free case review. Our team can review your case and determine next steps.

Several other elders and families we’ve helped have received $1 million or more by working with our legal partners. Don’t wait — we can help you get started right now.

FAQs About Nursing Home Abuse Law Firms

What are the benefits of working with a nursing home abuse law firm?

Top nursing home abuse law firms can make the legal process easier for you and your family. Attorneys at these firms can help gather evidence, file cases, and pursue financial payouts on your behalf. This can save you and your family from having any extra stress in the aftermath of elder abuse.

Can you sue a nursing home for negligence?

Yes. You can sue if nursing home negligence caused serious harm to a loved one. Sadly, cases of nursing home neglect can be just as harmful as cases of nursing home abuse.

Elder neglect can lead to life-threatening health problems like bedsores, malnutrition, and sepsis.

Nursing home staff members that can’t meet a basic standard of care and bring harm to residents need to be held accountable.

How much is a nursing home negligence case worth?

Nursing home abuse law firms have sometimes been able to secure millions for older adults who suffered from neglect in a long-term care facility. For example, a family secured $1.2 million after their loved one developed pressure sores and other serious injuries.

That said, the specific value that you may receive depends on the unique factors in your case. For best results, get started today with a free case review.

How do I find a nursing home abuse law firm?

There are many ways to find law firms that take nursing home abuse cases. In fact, our team can help you find nursing home law firms right now. Call (855) 264-6310 to start the process for free.

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