Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue. How are some of the causes of nursing home abuse and how often does it happen? How can I get involved to protecting our seniors?

Understanding Elder Abuse

Elder abuse takes on many forms, including emotional, sexual, financial and physical abuse. Learn the warning signs of elder abuse and help protect our greatest generation.

Nursing Home Neglect

One of the most common forms of elder abuse is nursing home neglect. Learn how to spot the danger signs of this type of neglect.

The Various Types of Elder Abuse

elder abuse

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of the elderly involves the application of physical violence or force against an elder that results in physical impairment, physical pain, injury, or bodily harm to the individual.

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elder abuse

Sexual Abuse

Elder sexual abuse includes any sexual contact with an elder who, because of mental illness or dementia, cannot communicate their disapproval of the behavior against them and cannot communicate consent for the activity.

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elder abuse

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse against the elderly can happen in an assisted care facility or in a nursing home. Perpetrators can include volunteers, caregivers, family members, or other individuals employed at the nursing facility.

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financial abuse

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of the elderly can be perpetrated by people they know or people they don’t know. The main perpetrators can be relatives of the elderly person, their spouse, or someone else they hold in their confidence.

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Demanding Dignity

The Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC) was founded on the principles of dignity and respect for some of the most vulnerable citizens, seniors.

Seniors have built a society of law, order and protection that we all enjoy today. They fought wars against tyranny, supported equality and built families and businesses that changed our world.

It’s time for us to protect them from abuse perpetrated in the “safest” of places. NHAC is a free online resource designed to inform and encourage improvements to the status quo.

Let’s stand together and protect our seniors.

When my family was trying to determine whether there was some kind of abuse going on at my mother's assisted living facility, the Nursing Home Abuse Center provided the information I needed to know.

I'm grateful for their free services, and that they were able to help me know how to protect my loved ones.

Garrett W.
Garrett W.