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84-Year-Old Woman Awarded $2.34 Million from California Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

In 2020, an 84-year-old woman named Betsy entered a California nursing home to recover from hip surgery. However, instead of receiving the care she deserved, she suffered serious nursing home neglect that led to irreversible injuries.

Through a nursing home abuse lawsuit, she was awarded $2.34 million in compensation for the profound harm she endured and will manage for the rest of her life. Learn more about her story.

This is just one of the countless stories of nursing home neglect and abuse. If your loved one has suffered at a nursing home, see if you can fight for justice with a free case review now.

California Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Fight for Resident

After hip surgery in 2020, Betsy was admitted to Country Villa Wilshire Healthcare Center in Beverly Grove, CA, where she hoped to receive dignified support.

Instead, her rights were violated over 130 times.

Examples of the neglect she experienced include:

  • An inaccessible call light and unplugged phone that made it impossible for her to call for timely help
  • Ten falls that led to fractures in her shoulder and pelvis

Her legal team fought to hold the facility accountable for the “excruciating pain and permanent damage” she endured. In total, her nursing home abuse case value was $2.34 million due to the neglect she faced.

“This verdict … sends a clear message that neglect and abuse will not be tolerated.”

California nursing home abuse lawyers representing Betsy

About the California Nursing Home Responsible for Neglect

Throughout the trial, Betsy’s legal team uncovered the nursing home’s understaffing issues and shady facility administration that allowed the abuse to go on.

Country Villa Wilshire Healthcare Center has an average rating for both long-term and short-term care, according to U.S. News and World Report.

However, less than half of residents recovering from surgeries or other short-term ailments are able to return home after their stay. Instead, they are often transferred to another hospital setting to continue recovery.

Additionally, the rate of rehospitalization and infection is higher than the national average. For long-term care residents, the rate of hospitalization at this California nursing home is 53% and 63% above the state and national average, respectively.

These conditions may continue to worsen as one of the facility’s owners, the largest in the state, has previously been found to prioritize profits over resident lives by intentionally understaffing, undertraining, overcrowding facilities, and operating with unapproved state licenses.

A Life Forever Changed by Nursing Home Abuse

Prior to her stay at Country Villa Wilshire Healthcare Center, Betsy was incredibly active, even as she grew older. She ran a total of 27 marathons in Los Angeles, with her most recent finish line crossed in 2019 while in her 80s.

Now, she may never see the same active lifestyle she once enjoyed because of the negligence of this nursing home. However, with the nursing home abuse compensation she was awarded, she can afford ongoing medical costs and other expenses.

Further, by pursuing a nursing home abuse lawsuit, Betsy was able to reclaim some aspects of her life prior to the abuse.

Get Justice for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If someone you love has suffered abuse in a nursing home, you can seek help like Betsy did.

Filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit allows you to:

  1. Hold negligent facilities accountable
  2. Get compensation for the pain they have caused
  3. Prevent others from experiencing the same abuse

Our team has partnered with nursing home neglect lawyers who have recovered over $273 million for clients across the nation.

Get help finding a lawyer near you by calling (855) 264-6310 or filling out a free case review form.

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