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Woman Fights to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse in Florida After Mother’s Sexual Assault

After her 86-year-old mother suffered serious nursing home abuse in Florida, a woman named Stephanie is advocating for cameras and other protective measures.

Stephanie hopes these efforts will help prevent abuse for the more than 1 million nursing home residents across the nation. Learn about her mother’s story and how it has fueled her fight against abuse.

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The Devastating Story of Nursing Home Abuse in Florida

Stephanie’s mother, Janet, stayed at a Florida nursing home for less than one month in 2021. Janet was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nearly a decade prior, so Stephanie hoped to install a camera in her mother’s room to help monitor her care.

However, her request for a camera was denied. So when Stephanie found bruises on her mother’s head, arms, and other parts of her body, she couldn’t find any answers. Janet was unable to remember the reason for the bruising, and the facility claimed Janet’s bruises were a result of a fall.

However, a pelvic exam later revealed that Janet’s bruising may have been the result of sexual abuse — not a fall.

Shortly after the incident, Stephanie transferred her mother to another Florida nursing home that allowed cameras. She also took steps to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit against the facility responsible.

Fighting to Prevent Florida Nursing Home Abuse

Stories of nursing home abuse are sadly common. To make matters worse, abuse, especially sexual abuse, often goes unreported.

Stephanie believes that allowing cameras would improve transparency and accountability for nursing home staff responsible for abuse throughout the state.

“Too often when we prosecute a nursing negligence case here in Florida, the records are either suspiciously silent as to what happened to the resident, or they directly contradict what other records state.”

Florida Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Installing cameras in resident rooms not only allows families to document and report abuse but also helps prevent it by making staff aware they are being monitored.

Other states, including Illinois, allow cameras to be installed, giving families the right to peace of mind for their loved ones.

For these reasons, Stephanie has continued to fight for changes in Florida laws, even after her mother passed in 2022.

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